Digital Pioneers Solutions

Digital Pioneers Solutions

With the aid of top minds, we facilitate and orchestrate panel discussions, informal dialogues, formal presentations, and keynote addresses on critical topics, including:

  • AI adoption roadmaps and maturity models
  • Hybrid workforce implementations and the future of work
  • Actionable AI governance models
  • AI principles guidance
  • Policy recommendations
  • AI-driven value generation

Through our offerings, we provide concrete, reproducible, and actionable insights in the form of solutions that aid in the creation of a resilient and robust global digital framework.

To reach out and start a dialogue with DPN about our solutions, please contact us today.

Artificial Intelligence

Solvesall Solvelsall combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Geospatial Analytics and professional software engineering on top of custom hardware to address current mobility needs and produce unique and novel products and services.

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GoodAI GoodAI is trying to build artificial brains that can learn, be creative, and adapt to the environment in the way a human does. The company's mission is to develop general artificial intelligence, be helpful to humanity, and understand the...

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NutritionPro "To improve human health, well-being and longevity worldwide by bringing nutritionist expertise to the masses." NutritionPro is an all-in-one service that takes care about your nutrition. Based on your needs and goals, allergens and taste...

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Avior Avior is an artificial intelligence solution provider, specialized in advanced machine learning. The company started in telecommunications and quickly became the leading Slovenian fax-via-email solution provider based on proprietary technology,...

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eAgronom From farmers to farmers, eAgronom makes intuitive high-tech decision-making tools accessible to all grain farmers. eAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage and analyze their...

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AlphaBlues AlphaBlues is automating customer experience through chat for the enterprise. The company is one of the first to have fully integrated AI virtual assistants and live chat seamlessly into a coherent solution. A proprietary in-house developed NLP...

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Neuron Sounware

Neuron Sounware Neuron Soundware is a deep tech startup in AI and IoT using audio analysis to detect broken machines. Protect your critical machines using advanced sound analysis. Our all-in-one solution reshapes machine diagnostics and predictive...

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Oxitone The top 5% of people with severe chronic conditions account for 50% of care spending. Oxitone is a leading medical wearables and digital health company helping providers deliver continuous remote care for people with severe chronic and complex...

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