Welcome to the second episode of our special series, The Digital Economy RELOADED: AI Solutions For Healthcare and Public Health . We brought together several distinguished panelists to participate in a critical conversation on global digital transformation in a post-COVID world. The digital pioneers that you will hear from today are Dr. Leon Eisen, CEO of Oxitone Medical, Dr. Joseph J. Frassica, Head of Philips Research for the Americas and Chief Medical Officer at Philips North America, Tom Lawry, National Director for AI, Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft, Dr. Kira Radinsky, ChairWoman & Chief Technology Officer at Diagnostic Robotics, Tsvi Gal, Head of Enterprise Technology for Sloan Kettering Center, NYC, Sundar Venkataraman, Fellow at the World Economic Forum Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution from Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Micha Benoliel, Co-Founder & CEO of Nodle, and Simon McGibbon, Co-Founder & CEO of Myia Health.Healthcare has received the most attention in the fight against Coronavirus, exposing various weaknesses in the current system and shedding light on areas in dire need of improvement. The disaster of PPE shortages, insufficient testing capabilities, long regulatory procedures, and a lack of coordination are just a glimpse into the many reasons for why we need to redesign our healthcare system. Digital solutions to the crisis have also brought about concerns with regards to privacy and security, in large part due to the rise in contact tracing, telemedicine, and remote diagnostics, among other crucial factors. In today’s series on Healthcare and Public Health, we’re going to lay out a clear framework for AI-driven solutions that can mend archaic regulatory processes, ensure the safety and security of patients, optimize medical procedures, and the ultimate race to secure a vaccine.