Accelerating The Global Digital Revolution

Digital Pioneers Network is the only independent industry organization of its kind. Composed of members with multidisciplinary perspectives and wide-range of backgrounds. From the public sector, insurance, CPG, financial services, healthcare, insurance, to telecommunications and retail, our mission directly relates to the impact of emerging technologies and how the digital era must be shaped to create a more prosperous, peaceful, socially conscious and intelligent world.

You are part of an exclusive group of trailblazers who use their time, influence and resources to create a true digital world at their own companies, industries and on the world stage.

Our Mission

Digital Pioneers Network was founded to serve as the keystone organization that connects ideas with actionable insights as part of the global effort to fasten the pace of digital transformation.

Our Vision

DPN’s efforts are geared towards standing as the main catalyst of digitalization, which high-profile individuals, enterprise leaders, large organizations, and governments desire to achieve, in order to accelerate global digital agendas aligned with AI principles, guidelines, and SDG objectives.

A Letter to the DPN Community

AI Market to Reach $126.0 Billion in Annual Worldwide Revenue by 2025 globally

We are entering an algorithmic economy approaching $4 trillion in value. AI deployments have grown substantially year-on-year with no signs of slowing. As more businesses realize the value of AI, and as these technologies become easier to develop, corporate adoption has exploded.

Negative associations driven by Hollywood and science fiction have turned the public perception of AI from inspiration into trepidation. AI should be celebrated as a force for productivity and innovation, but instead has been characterized as the monster hiding under your bed.

It is our duty to set the record straight about the magnitude of possibilities that digitalization delivers, both for businesses and for the greater good of the world. Today, almost half of all CxOs have installed, or at least tested AI systems. But how can businesses ensure that their investments are being maximized? What are the current digital maturity models? How could we come up with a comprehensive Cognitive Digital and AI Maturity Model? What are the benchmarks of success? How do we measure the ROI on AI and Digital ? How can we unlock and accelerate all of the opportunities created through artificial intelligence? The Digital Pioneers Network must collaborate now and throughout the years ahead to find the answers to these questions.

The Digital Pioneers Network will deliver a roadmap for the technology’s future. Our members will exchange ideas to better understand complex digital issues, share the successes and challenges of their digital journeys to inspire one another as leading global digital pioneers.

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