Welcome to the inaugural launch of our special series, The Digital Economy RELOADED: AI Driven Digital Transformation. We brought together several distinguished panelists to participate in a critical conversation on global digital transformation in a post-COVID world. The digital pioneers that you will hear from today are Keith Strier, Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiatives at NVIDIA, Chetan Dube, Founder and CEO of IPSoft, Sylvain Duranton, Managing Director and Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group, as well as Global Leader of BCG Gamma, Kris Fitzgerald, Vice President and CTO of NTT Data, Dr. Osvald Bjelland, Chairman and CEO of Xynteo and Founder of TPT, and Igor Jablokov, CEO and Founder of Pryon. The Coronavirus has prompted a massive, full-blown exodus from traditional person-to-person functions to complete digital migration: all industries from manufacturing and industrialization to education, retail to entertainment have been impacted. Although COVID19 has adversely affected a variety of industries, the sudden digital push has caused a movement of digital innovators to arise in search of AI-fueled solutions to aid and even optimize impacted industries. The purpose of this series is to pinpoint the current state of global digital transformation, how corporations are coping with the impact, adapting to the “new normal”, and how existing AI-driven solutions can help rethink the way in which we will live and work in the post-COVID world.