Today’s dialogue is with the Head of AI Business Integration at Lloyd’s Banking Group, Abhijit Akerkar. We’ll be focusing mainly on AI and enterprise applications and more specifically what steps companies need to take in order to generate value with artificial intelligence. Biography: Abhijit Akerkar, Head of AI Business Integration, Lloyds Banking Group. Abhijit is bringing machine intelligence to life at the Lloyds Banking Group. His focus is on combining machine and human intelligence to change the way the Bank does business and serves its customers. He is an influential leader and trusted advisor in AI. Leading publications have published his perspectives on generating value from AI in a responsible way. Earlier at McKinsey & Company, Abhijit partnered with determined executives to set strategy, unlock the power of data, transform organisations, and deliver value. He has served companies around the world at the board and executive-committee levels across a diverse set of industries. Previously at HCL Technologies, Abhijit built and led tech-enabled businesses in Europe and Asia. He helped companies and governments embrace technology to improve performance.