October 24TH, 2018
New York, NY

Change is happening all around us, and it accelerates with each passing day. Organizations of all types and sizes are experiencing disruption within their specific industries, and many of them have come to the realization that just investing in new, powerful technologies is not enough – a robust, completely rounded digital transformation strategy focused on a multidimensional evolutionary process for the company is now a prerequisite for success. The AI Pioneers Forum has already presented a digital roadmap including AI maturity models that demonstrates the digital journey begins before the initial adoption of AI technology.

While not essential, organizations will find AI adoption easier by implementing specific tools and meeting prescribed levels of proficiency. They should be highly proficient in gathering and analyzing data before considering an AI deployment. Achieving optimization in data analysis ensures successful delivery of AI projects, and it is essential to report on them in a manner that supports the AI business case. This will pave the road along and up the maturity curve. Enterprises need to research AI and its capabilities, viewing AI as a new set of tools that can be used to achieve business goals. Only at this stage can organizations prepare themselves for an AI deployment. Elements such as culture, executive sponsorship, resource allocation, initial measurement processes and reporting structures all need to be in place.

At the center of digital transformation is data. Leveraged efficiently, data can help an organization understand its customer needs, recruit the right talent, and define a strategy for the 21st century. A cultural transformation is required to manage the ever-growing flow of data and move it from raw information to the knowledge and insight that can drive commercial results. Corporations must see data not simply as something to gather and store, but as their most valuable asset, one that can be turned kinetic to drive action, results, create an efficient planet, devise new products, solutions, and ultimately increase revenue.

The new enterprise digital platform is built on a foundation of teams, tools and processes that combine seamlessly to enable the enterprise to maximize the value of their information-based operating model. The more companies learn about their customers, the better they will become at building a digital workforce.

This is where the fuel that is data truly ignites the AI engine. The “Oil of the 21st Century” is in endless supply, with no end to the power of its insights. A company’s ability to drill down and find the exact information they want is within their control, and with it they can create the future they want.

We look forward to your thoughts on these subjects and more in this, our third meeting of the AI Pioneers Forum.