The House of Lords, UK.
October 30, 2020

The event is to drive good governance, Humanitarian works and Leadership across the world by creating platforms for mentoring in order to create a stable and investment friendly continent.

The round table discussion will among others seek to achieve the following:

  • Identify the succession gap between the budding Leaders and the incumbent Leaders: we will be launching a high powered advocacy machinery aimed at bridging the succession gap, thereby making leadership transition thrive in consonance with global best practice, on meritorious succession rather than an inheritance.

An advocacy machinery to improve giving even during the times we are in which will help develop a better help institutions, create Jobs for those this pandemic have rendered jobless and also create an incubation system for growth at the grassroots.

The implementation of this outcome can be guaranteed by the caliber of result oriented and visionary philanthropists we are inviting to be part of this program. With the commitment of these great leaders in an inclusive team of same pedigree, we are confident that empirical progress shall be made on all three points of our proposed communiqué.

The Award session will look to celebrate and honor exemplary leaders, Philanthropist and dynamic personalities with record of creating and building great leadership impact that has made far-reaching and positive contributions to the development of their respective countries, sectors and industries. We will be honoring great leaders in the following sectors; Oil and Gas, Power and electricity, Information technology, Health, Security, Politics, Transportation, Aviation, Agriculture, Banking, Hospitality/Hotels, Entertainment, Media and publishing etc.

Expected Participants and Guests:

  1. World Leaders and Presidents
  2. Top Philanthropists in the World
  3. African Ministers of Humanitarian Affairs, safety and health Environment, Agriculture, hydrocarbons, etc.
  4. Top NGOs from all over the globe
  5. Captains of Industries, Business magnates and institutional investors
  6. Top politicians with great leadership qualities and influence