Today’s digital pioneer is Anand Rao, Global & US Artificial Intelligence and US Data & Analytics Leader at PwC. We dug into a Gen Z Inspired Inclusivity-Driven Responsible AI Scalability Model introduced by Ms. Sirotin, dove into critical components of responsible and ethical AI on both the levels of enterprise and government, why enterprises need to integrate CDOs as part of their corporate structure, and future recommendations. BiographyDr. Anand S. Rao is a Partner in PwC’s Advisory practice. He is the Global Artificial Intelligence Lead and the Co-Sponsor for the AI Center of Enablement within PwC. With over 35 years of industry and consulting experience, Anand leads a team of practitioners who work with C-level executives at some of the world’s largest organizations, advising them on a range of topics including global growth strategies, marketing, sales, distribution and digital strategies, behavioral economics and customer experience, and statistical and computational analytics. As the global lead for AI he is responsible for research and commercial relationships with academic institutions and start-ups, research, development and commercialization of innovative AI, big data and analytic techniques. With his PhD and research career in Artificial Intelligence and his subsequent experience in management consulting he brings business domain knowledge, statistical, and computational analytics to generate unique insights into the practice of ‘data science’. Linkedin: @AnandSRao