On today’s dialogue, we are joined by Dov Moran, Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s top investors, entrepreneurs, world renowned high-tech leaders, and inventor of the USB memory stick, as well as Or Kremer, Co-Founder and CMO of BeyondMinds, a portfolio company of Grove Ventures! We pinpointed reasons behind the Startup Nation’s success, the key components that have molded Israel’s unique position as a global innovator, what is chutzpah, what the world can learn from Israel’s pioneering work, and more!Biography:Mr. Moran is one of Israel’s most prominent hi-tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. He is best known as a pioneer of several flash memory technologies, most notably as the inventor of the USB flash drive. In 2006, the company behind the USB flash drive (DiskOnKey), M-Systems, led by Mr. Moran, was acquired by SanDisk Corp for $1.6B.After the acquisition of M-Systems, Mr. Moran founded a few more technological companies, among them, are Comigo (in which he still serves as a chairman), GlucoMe (currently serves as a board member) and Modu (served as chairman and CEO of the company). During his time at Modu, he was also the chairman of Tower Semiconductor. During his career, Mr. Moran also served in other board positions. Notable companies are Consumer Physics, Geneformics, Rapid API, and Kidoz. In the course of his entrepreneurial work, Moran has filed more than 40 patents. Mr. Moran is currently the founder and managing partner of Grove Ventures, an early-stage fund focused on technologies and solutions in the areas of IoT, cloud, and big data. Check out: Grove VenturesBeyondMinds