From farmers to farmers, eAgronom makes intuitive high-tech decision-making tools accessible to all grain farmers.

eAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage and analyze their activities in one place in the simplest possible way. We bring existing, complex technologies to farmers within an intuitive UI. We take pride in being extremely customer-focused and completely data-driven. We believe in helping farmers around the world to grow high-quality grain in a profitable and sustainable way.

eAgronom is disrupting the current state of agritech. This is a trillion dollar industry where old behemoths selling outdated desktop software still rule in a highly competitive landscape. We started at the end of 2019, gained 70% of the Estonian market in the first 6 months. Now, eAgronom solutions are used to manage over a million hectares of grain land around the world.